Festa della Salute 2020

Festa della Salute 2020

Those who have the opportunity to be in Venice during the day of Salute breathe an atmosphere of sincere and heartfelt popular participation, of religiousness that is not bigoted but closely linked to the history and traditions of the city.

The uninterrupted line of people who on November 21 cross the votive bridge on boats and go to the majestic Chiesa della Salute (Church of Health) testifies the still alive and intense bond between the city and the Madonna.

A temporary bridge on boats is built every year for the celebration of the Salute, which crosses the Grand Canal and connects the area of San Moisè and S. Maria del Giglio (Sestiere di San Marco) with the Basilica del Longhena (Sestiere di Dorsoduro) to allow the procession to pass through.

Tens and tens of thousands of people go on pilgrimage to pay homage to Our Lady and to light a candle so that she will intercede for their good health.

Even today, the festivity of Salute offers a mixture of feelings and motivations. Alongside the sincere religious sentiment there is also the most secular and joyful aspect: the candy stalls outside the church. The procession of faithful who light a candle to the Madonna flows alongside stalls of sweets, colored balloons and toys: the two aspects of the feast blend perfectly.

Location: Church of Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

Event date: November 21st, 2020