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Fidelio by Ludwig van Beethoven
Inaugural opera at La Fenice theater in Venice
Fidelio Beethoven

The inaugural work of the season 2020/2021 at Teatro La Fenice is “Fidelio” in semi-stage form.

“Fidelio” is the only opera composed by Beethoven. It is based on a libretto by Joseph Sonnleithner and Georg Friedrich Treitschke, based on Léonore by Jean-Nicolas Bouilly. The 1798 text of the genre “à sauvetage” (rescue opera) was then very much in vogue and set to music by various composers. 

The genesis was so complex and tormented that three versions are known: the first was composed in 1804-1805 in three acts and was performed in 1805 in Vienna occupied by French troops. The second one in 1806. The third and final version, in two acts, dates back to 1814 and made its debut at the Kärntnertortheater in Vienna. “Fidelio” will be on stage at the Teatro La Fenice on November 20, 24 and 28, 2020.

The cast includes as Conductor, Myung-Whun Chung; Director, Joan Rechi; Florestan, Vincent Wolfsteiner; Don Pizzaro, Samuel Youn; Leonore, Maida Hundeling; Rocco, Franz- Josef Selig; Marzelline, Eva Liebau; Jaquino, Leonardo Cortellazzi.

Fidelio is not only a political work on justice and freedom. It is a work on married love, which tells how a wife is willing to do everything to free her imprisoned husband. It is the work of a man of absolute morality, which Beethoven wanted to elevate with his music.

Plot: The governor of the Seville prison Don Pizarro has his personal enemy Florestan unjustly imprisoned. Trying to find her husband Florestan, his wife Leonore disguises herself as a man. Taking the name Fidelio, she undertakes the search. To find out if her husband is among the prisoners, Leonore enters into the good graces of Rocco, the jailer, and unwittingly into his daughter, Marzelline. Informed of the imminent arrival of the minister, Don Pizarro gives orders to Rocco to kill Florestan immediately, receiving a refusal. Florestan lies chained in the darkness of the dungeon and complains of his lost freedom. When Don Pizarro arrives to kill him, Fidelio confronts him and reveals the identity of being Leonore. The governor decides to kill them both. The arrival of the minister hurriedly brings Don Pizarro out of the dungeon while Leonore and Florestan hug each other. After Rocco’s account, Don Pizarro’s crimes are masked. The minister gives the order for the prisoners to be released and a chorus rises in praise of the heroine.

Location: La Fenice theater, Venice

Schedule: November 20 – 24 -28, 2020 – SUSPENDED

Hour: Fri and Tue 7 pm – Sat 5 pm


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