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Giuseppe Giacobazzi

A true favorite of the general public, the comedian Giuseppe Giacobazzi brings to the stage his alter ego Andrea Sasdelli, or rather the man and his mask. With the show “Noi. Mille volti e una bugia” (Us. A Thousand Faces and a Lie) takes shape an inner and hilarious dialogue of 25 years of sometimes forced cohabitation.

Twenty-five years made of adventures and anecdotes, situations and misunderstandings, joys and melancholies, spectators and protagonists of an era that moves at an ever-increasing speed: in a “flash” we go from the corner shop to the “apps” for shopping online, from the ragout on the stove to the food processor driven by smartphone. 

The man Andrea told by the comedian Giacobazzi is a tribute to Dorian Gray, but this time it is the man who is aging and not the portrait. These are precisely the “Noi” (us) that we see reflected in our many faces, often struggling to live with the lie of complacency and wanting to please those in front of us. With irony and simplicity, the show tries to answer a question: “Where does the mask end and the man begin?”, which is everyone’s problem, because we all live with a mask every day.

The show of Andrea Sasdelli assisted by Carlo Negri and Fabrizio Iseppato lasts about 2 hours.


Location: Goldoni Theater, Venice

Schedule: March 24, 2022