Home furnishing: why to choose glass for home

Home furnishing: why to choose glass for home

The magic of furnishing your home with glass

If common opinion about glass paints it as a material that is far too delicate and not at all functional for furnishing, the world of Luxury Interior Design is ready to overturn the situation. A source of inspiration for the major interior design artists and internationally renowned interior architects, it can give a home a truly personal, original and unique touch. Abandoning the old concept of simple glass as a material that can be used only for shower stalls and office tables, prepare yourself to enter the world of Murano glass, made of fantasy, transparency, games of space, light and color ready to enchant the most rational spirits.


Glass design: from an ancient art, a modern study

Although the art of Murano glass is among the oldest traditions of the Veneto region, the glass home furnishings that come to life from the hands of master craftsmen are absolutely modern and always contemporary.

Commissioned by highly qualified interior designers, glass artists are able to create design objects that have much in common with real works of art: glass home decor has to offer much more than you can imagine.

Among the most popular design objects thanks to their ability to furnish with simplicity, taste, finesse and versatility the most diverse types of environment, stand out: centerpieces, sculptures, partitions for interiors. Many elements of glass home furnishings have a dual vocation: ornamental and functional. Here are the dividing panels that finely decorate lounges and rooms and also have the function of dividing and making independent different spaces of a residence.

RGB curtains, on the other hand, installed in front of windows, can replace curtains, shield from direct sunlight and create intriguing color effects. But that’s not all: if installed in one of the interior rooms of your residence, they act as room dividers, creating an extremely modern and classy atmosphere.

ares glass panel

Furnishing your home with glass: a question of space

In the world of glass Luxury Interior Design, before choosing and installing glass home furnishing objects, it is of fundamental importance to find a unified language in the choice of decorations, colors, curtains, ornaments, centerpieces and all glass home furnishing objects. It is therefore necessary to take into account all the details of the surrounding environment: it is precisely those that make the difference and make a place speak of those who live there.

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Glass design: an ancient art but always current

Discover the glass design objects VéVé Glass, immerse yourself in a world of shapes, colors and beauty. Start furnishing your home with Murano artistic glass and make personal an ancient workmanship but always up-to-date, thanks to our constant research of the latest trends in Luxury Interior Design.