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Il trovatore 2022

Alongside “Rigoletto” and “La traviata”, “Il trovatore” (The Trobadour) is an opera from Giuseppe Verdi‘s so-called ‘popular trilogy‘ that premiered in Rome in 1853.

Themes such as obsession, revenge, family and civil war are conveyed through fiery dramatic contrasts. Towering over all the characters is the gypsy Azucena, a social outcast. Having already crossed the traditions of bel canto, Verdi pushed the dramaturgy here to the extreme edge of the dominant taste. Although some critics accused the plot of confusion and lack of credibility, the music is sublime. “Tacea la notte placida” (Leonora, Act I), the Coro dell’incudine and Azucena’s ballad “Stride la vampa” (Act II), the cabaletta “Di quella pira” (Manrico, Act III) are among the high points of this somber masterpiece.

The opera is staged from September 11 to 23 at the La Fenice theater. The orchestra and choir are from the Teatro La Fenice with conductor Francesco Ivan Ciampa and choir master Alfonso Caiani, while the director is Lorenzo Mariani.


Location: La Fenice Opera House, Venice

Schedule: September 11 – 23, 2022