La scala di seta

La scala di seta

It was the Venetian scenes that hosted Rossini’s first experiences as a composer for the opera theater: this debut was performed with five farces composed in the three-year period 1810-1813.

“La scala di seta” (The Silken Ladder), third of the series, was presented on May 9, 1812 at the Teatro di San Moisè. The comic opera is based on a libretto by Giuseppe Foppa, in turn drawn from an opéra comique of the same name in Paris in 1808.

The romantic farce centres on Giulia, who is secretly married to Dorvil, and lowers a silken ladder each night to him, while her watchful tutor, who is unaware of the situation, tries to set her up with another suitor.

There is a great game of misunderstanding and spying which allows the young Rossini to reveal all his comic-surreal personality in a score rich in formal novelties, from the splendid symphony to the highlight of the ‘concerted of embarrassment’.

The performance lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes.

This work is conducted by Alvise Casellati, directed by Bepi Morassi. Sets & costumes by Accademia delle Belle Arti of Venice

Location: La Fenice Theatre, Venice

Schedule: from September 20th  to October 8th 2019

Hour: 7 pm / 3.30 pm Saturday

Ticket: up to € 240