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L’Annina del Prete Rosso

A performance in semi-staged form of a love story between Mantua and Venice will be staged during the “Festival Galuppi” in the Sale Apollinee of Teatro La Fenice on Sunday, October 9, 2022: “L’Annina del Prete rosso“.

The text conceived and written by Angelo Manzotti shows the lesser-known aspect of the relationship between the Venetian “Red Priest” Antonio Vivaldi and his Mantuan Muse Anna Girò, for centuries forgotten as a person and remembered only as his lover. Here she is reinterpreted as a figure not only of a lover, but of a great professional, quoted by eminent composers and a renowned singer in major Italian and European theaters.

Protagonists of the performance: Elena Bertuzzi (soprano), Angelo Manzotti (sopranist and director), Alessandra Brocadello (Anna Girò), Carlo Bertinelli (Antonio Vivaldi), Carlo Steno Rossi (harpsichord), Enzo Caroli (flute). Giampaolo Tirelli’s costumes and Alessio Aldini’s wigs restore all the taste and refined fashion of that time.


Location: La Fenice Opera House, Venice

Schedule: October 9, 2022

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