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Le Vertige Marilyn

From a project by Olivier Steiner and Emmanuel Lagarrigue, the show “Le Vertige Marilyn” is staged at the Goldoni theater on October 15 and 16, 2022.

A woman in a sumptuous black dress is already present on stage when the audience enters; she can be seen against the light. She is at the center of a metal installation that looks like a Tower of Babel. Her voice can be heard on the telephone. Who is she? Isabelle Adjani? Marilyn Monroe? Both of them? Neither of them? It is the story of a wavering star.

Marilyn Monroe‘s life seems to want to be written by the end. As if it were necessary to continue to investigate the mystery of the star’s last earthly hours sixty years later, unable to solve her disappearance.

Olivier Steiner and Emmanuel Lagarrigue have imagined for their friend Isabelle Adjani a walk through a montage of interviews and texts, creating the conditions for an imaginary dialogue between her and Marilyn, between shadow and light, appearance and disappearance, secrets and revelations. And Isabelle Adjani pushes the confusion of a possible sisterhood to the vertigo.


Location: Goldoni Theater, Venice

Schedule: October 15 – 16, 2022

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