M’illumino di meno

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The National Day of Energy Saving
Initiatives in Venice

M’ILLUMINO DI MENO, the National Day of Energy Saving, returns, as usual, also in 2019. The event is scheduled for March 1st and will be dedicated to the circular economy. The imperative – explain the organizers – is to reuse the materials, reduce waste, away from “the end of life” of things. Because resources end, but everything is regenerated: bottles of mineral water that become sweaters, newspaper paper that returns newspaper paper, a telephone receiver becomes a lamp, sludge that becomes biogas. Since the beginning of M’ILLUMINO DI MENO, in 15 years, the world has changed.

As announced by the municipal councilor for the Environment Massimiliano De Martin, Friday, March 1, from 6 pm to 6.30 pm lights will turn off in Piazza San Marco, Piazza Ferretto, in the institutional buildings of the municipal administration Ca ‘Farsetti, Ca’ Loredan, and in seat of the Town Hall of Mestre in Via Palazzo.

A symbolic but important gesture that calls institutions and individual citizens to the responsibility and commitment in respecting and protecting our wonderful planet.

The Civic Museums Foundation of Venice is also part of the initiative, stopping the lighting of 9 Museums from 6 to 7 pm: Palazzo Ducale, Museo Correr, Ca ‘Rezzonico, Palazzo Mocenigo, Ca’ Pesaro, Palazzo Fortuny, Museum of Natural History, Museo del Murano glass and Torcello Lace Museum.

Since 2005, every year, a broadcast of Radio2, Caterpillar, asks its listeners to turn off all the lights that are not really indispensable at 6 pm on a February or March afternoon. This year it will be Friday, March 1st. We celebrate the birthday of the Kyoto Protocol, humanity’s attempt to save the Earth from the destruction caused by climate change. A symbolic and concrete initiative – extinguishing the lights and bearing witness to the future of humanity – which immediately became very participatory: the Italian squares, the monuments – the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the Arena of Verona -, the palaces symbol of Italy – Quirinale, Senato and Camera – and many houses of citizens. The Eiffel Tower, the Foreign Office and the Vienna Prater Wheel went off for M’ILLUMINO DI MENO. 

In many museums guided tours at low light are organized, in schools we discuss energy efficiency, in many restaurants you can have dinner by candlelight, in the square you make astronomical observation taking advantage of the reduction of light pollution. 

For energy saving and a sustainable lifestyle:

1. turn off the lights when they are not needed;

2. switch off and do not leave electronic devices on standby;

3. frequently defrost the refrigerator; keep the coil clean and spaced from the wall so that air can circulate;

4. put the lid on the saucepans when the water boils and always avoid that the flame is wider than the bottom of the pot;

5. if you are too hot, lower the radiators instead of opening the windows;

6. reduce the drafts of the fixtures by filling them with material that does not allow air to pass;

7. use curtains to create cavities in front of windows, window frames, external doors;

8. do not leave curtains closed in front of radiators;

9. insert special insulating and reflecting films between the external walls and the radiators;

10. use the car as little as possible, share it with those who travel the same route, use the bicycle to travel around the city.

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