Massimo Campigli

Massimo Campigli

The exhibition “Massimo Campigli e gli Etruschi: una pagana felicità” (Massimo Campigli and the Etruscans: a pagan happiness) is presented at ACP – Palazzo Franchetti in Venice, curated by Franco Calarota with the general supervision of Alessia Calarota, proposing itself as a true dialogue between the master’s works and the examples of the past from which the artist drew such strong inspiration.

The approximately 35 works by Campigli selected for the exhibition are flanked by about fifty artifacts from the Etruscan civilization, many of which are unpublished and exhibited here for the first time, identified by Superintendent Margherita Eichberg together with the scholars of the Scientific Committee, assisted by the director of research Arch. Giovanni Cesarini. The exhibition could also count on the precious scientific contribution of the art historian Martina Corgnati.

Campigli’s deliberately archaic compositions, well represented in the exhibition with paintings ranging from 1928 to 1966, find the origins of their deepest inspiration in the Etruscan finds on display, with which they establish a natural sharing of atmospheres, signs and colors.


Location: Franchetti Palace, Venice

Schedule: until Sept. 30, 2021