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New Year’s Concert 2021

The New Year’s Concert 2021 of the Teatro La Fenice in co-production with RAI (Italian television) offers a musical program in two parts: a first part exclusively orchestral and a second part dedicated to melodrama, with a series of arias, duets and choral passages performed by soloists of absolute prestige and the Choir of the Teatro La Fenice. Every year the Concert closes with two famous pages by Giuseppe Verdi, the cornerstones of the Italian musical heritage: the choir “Va’ pensiero sull’ali dorate” by Nabucco and the festive toast “Libiam ne’ lieti calici” by La traviata.

Orchestra and Choir of La Fenice Theatre

Conductor Daniel Harding

Location: La Fenice Opera House, Venice

Schedule: from December 29th 2020 to January 1st 2021

Hour: Tue 8 pm – Wed 5 pm – Thu 4 pm – Fri 11.15 am

Ticket: up to € 440