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Phoenix Sextet

On Friday, Sept. 30, 2022, the Phoenix Sextet, composed of soloists from prestigious European orchestras with extensive experience in chamber music, performs in the Sale Apollinee of La Fenice Theater, presenting a monumental program: “String Sextet No. 1 in B-flat Major Op. 18” by Johannes Brahms and “Verklaerte Nacht” by Arnold Schoenberg.

The group is part of the Brussels Muzieque classical music platform, which brings together soloists from the most prestigious Belgian and European orchestras and other top-level artists who reside in Belgium or are invited from all over Europe. Members of the group are: Sarah Oates, Nadja Nevolovitch, Mihai Cocea, Monika Mlynarczyk, Dmitry Silvian and Eduardo Tonietto.

The Phoenix Sextet program is presented in other prestigious festivals and theaters, including the Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna, the Citiziens Garden Concerts, the Arte Amanti Int. Music Festival and the Full Circle Theater in Brussels.


Location: La Fenice Opera House, Venice

Schedule: September 30, 2022