Murano glass panel

In abstract art the human figure is represented frontally (eye, shoulders) and laterally (contour of the face, hip, legs). The subject is broken, analyzed and reassembled in an abstract form. The artist tends to portray the object in a more diverse context, depicting it from several points of view.

VISI is a demonstration of this art. The object is taken from different visual angles simultaneously. The process is characterized by decompositions and re-compositions of the object, breaking the convention of the uniqueness of the point of view. The resolution of the image appears with the unmistakable corner texture and crossed perspective planes.

The procedure for creating this glass panel is very complex and laborious. The glass processing technique is performed entirely by hand. Like in the mosaic technique, even in this design, small multicolored glass plates are meticulously cut and arranged together, showing two faces in abstract design.


Standard: 100 x 60 cm (39.37 x 23.62 in)

Other size on request.






Backlite metal support LED System with light-dimming control