Rinaldo by Haendel

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Rinaldo: Georg Friedrich Händel's masterpiece
based on the epic poem by Torquato Tasso "The liberated Jerusalem"
Rinaldo by Haendel

Rinaldo by Haendel is an opera in three acts, with a libretto by Giacomo Rossi, which was given for the first time at the Queen’s Theater in London on February 14, 1711. It is the first opera on a specifically composed Italian libretto for the English capital and formed the basis for Händel’s next forty-year success in Britain.

Cast: conductor Federico Maria Sardelli, director Pier Luigi Pizzi. Artists: Rinaldo Teresa Iervolino, Goffredo Leonardo Cortellazzi, Almirena Francesca Aspromonte, Armida Ruth Iniesta, Argante Andrea Patucelli, Mago William Corrò.

Plot: At the time of the Crusades, to obtain the help of the young Rinaldo, a valiant Templar knight, Goffredo, head of the Christian expedition to the Holy Land against the Saracens, promised him the beautiful daughter Almirena, when Jerusalem was conquered.

Led by Rinaldo the Christians occupy Palestine and besiege its pagan king, Argante, in Jerusalem. The sorceress Armida, lover of Argante, succeeds with her spells in imprisoning in her enchanted castle the innocent Almirena and therefore also to attract Rinaldo, of whom she falls in love, trying in vain to seduce him with deception transforming herself into Almirena.

The story becomes more complicated when Argante falls in love with Almirena, who rejects him indignantly. After countless difficulties: Armida tries to kill Almirena and is saved by Rinaldo. Almirena tries to kill Armida herself but is in turn saved by the Furies. Later the two young lovers are freed by Goffredo. Rinaldo with his army captivates Jerusalem, captures Argante and Armida, converting them to Christianity and finally marries Almirena.

Website: www.teatrolafenice.it

Location: La Fenice Opera House, Venice

Schedule: Fri. Jan 22 – Tue. Jan 26, 2021CANCELLED

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