San Martino a Natale Festival

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"San Martino a Natale"
The Venice Music Festival 2019
San Martino a Natale 2019

Since its establishment, the “San Martino a Natale” festival continues the ambitious growth and innovation process in the field of culture and music education. Launched in 2014 the exhibition aims to bring a special format to Venice: to make concerts, educational itineraries, musical performances and workshops accessible, free of charge and to a large and heterogeneous public, with the participation of internationally renowned interpreters and masters, united by love for Venice and for its glorious musical history.

“San Martino a Natale” is the festival of beauty, quality, innovation, sincere emotion, music that speaks … THE VENICE MUSIC FESTIVAL. The 2019 Festival is dedicated to the mysterious power of “red”. A fabulous musical journey between different styles and ages will give you a truly special experience. Here is the rich program of concerts from December 6th to 22nd 2019:

Friday, Dec. 6th – 6:00 pm

Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, San Marco Gallery

Musica Dipinta : Anton Martynov, violin – Kremena Nikolova, violin

Saturday, Dec. 7th – 5:30 pm

Palazzo Marin, San Marco

Le Meraviglie : Zala Kravos, piano – Natalia Bereslavtseva, flute

Friday, Dec. 20th – 5:00 pm

Santa Sofia Church, Cannaregio

Venezia Scarlatta : Anna Fusek, violin, recorder – Gianluca Geremia, lute, theorbo

Saturday, Dec. 21st – 5:30 pm

Santa Chiara Cathedral, Murano

Tango Passion : Ekaterina Philippovich, violin – Loris Douyez, violin and accordion – Frédéric Dothée, double bass – Flavien Casaccio, piano

Sunday, Dec. 22nd – 8:00 pm

Santi Apostoli Church, Cannaregio

L’Ispirazione : Alessandra Visentin, contralto – Kremena Nikolova, violin – Anton Martynov, violin – Vivaldi Society, orchestra

Book your place with free admission. The reservation is strongly recommended because the seats are limited.

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