Scientific evidence

Scientific evidence

“Scientific evidence” is an exhibition in which Luigi Ghirri’s photographic shots will meet Andrea Zanzotto’s verses and Giuseppe Caccavale’s drawings in a three-part dialogue. Photography, poetry and art will merge into a single site-specific installation in the portego of the historic Querini Stampalia Library.

An immense and airy watercolor will cover the walls of the great hall and will combine figures, drawings, colors, photographs and words together. The protagonist is the Venetian landscape, so dear to Ghirri and Zanzotto and so important for the entire pictorial tradition of the Venetian Renaissance.

The languages of photography, poetry and painting will compose an unprecedented landscape so unrecognizable and transfigured as to seem the landscape of another world, a science fiction one. The title is inspired by a statement by Andrea Zanzotto: – “The same landscape backgrounds of our Giorgione and Titian, no longer finding a correspondence in the geographical reality that we are forced to inhabit, have taken on a science fiction evidence”.

The initiative is part of the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Andrea Zanzotto promoted by the Veneto Region, with partnerships: Le Città in Festa, City of Venice, Patronage of the Veneto Region, Municipality of Pieve di Soligo, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Concerts open to the public and inspired by the landscape theme will be promoted, enriching the project with musical suggestions.


Location: Querini Stampalia Foundation, Venice

Schedule: May 20 – Sept. 26, 2021