The Lovers Feast

The Lovers Feast

Some consider the feast of St. Valentine a simple celebration of consumerism and superficiality. For others, it is a real celebration of romantic love. The Valentine’s Day, set for February 14th, has been a veritable institution for centuries and is celebrated by millions of couples all over the world.

In recent years, those who criticize this anniversary have increased, marking it as a simple celebration of waste and frivolity. Although there are many couples who decide not to celebrate it, many lovers swap gifts and greeting cards to celebrate their love. But what would be the origins of Valentine’s Day?

According to historians, the feast of St. Valentine would be the Christian solution to the ancient pagan fertility cults that were celebrated in mid-February during the Roman Empire. The Pope put an end to the rites of the “Lupercalia”, he moved the celebrations to February 14th, definitively decreeing the cult of Saint Valentine.

In any case, the merit of having consecrated St. Valentine as the protector of lovers is to be found in literature. In the work of Geoffrey Chaucer “The Canterbury Tales” for the first time, the figure of Valentine is associated with that of Cupid.

In our day, Valentine’s Day is celebrated mainly in Europe, America and the Far East. Especially in the Anglo-Saxon culture, this anniversary is characterized by the exchange of “valentines”, the love cards between lovers.

In Venice, customs and traditions have changed over the last few centuries. But not so much. Giacomo Casanova was a libertine who knew how to make every woman happy by saying that he was in love with each one. Veronica Franco was a beloved Venetian courtesan who inspired love and lustful poems and was able to revive every lover by turning every romantic dream into an unbridled passion. Love between two lovers is among the most sacred things that exist and passion is not a sin … if the end is the triumph of love.

Venice, the city where romance is at home, is the favorite destination of all lovers of the world. Romantic views, sunsets over the lagoon, moonlight reflected in the canals and illuminates the silent night city. All this and more make Venice the city of love.

Love and passion mix between two lovers who just in February can only immerse themselves in this city that seems to come from a fairy tale, simply romantic and passionate. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a pleasure, in Venice it is magical.

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