Umberto Moggioli

Umberto Moggioli

Tribute to the centenary of the death of Umberto Moggioli, an artist from Trentino who found his true source of inspiration in Venice and the lagoon. He who, born in the mountains, already exhibited those gardens full of impressionist light at the Venice Biennale in 1907, demonstrating how much international culture filtered through the lagoon city and the islands, Burano in particular, where the Moggioli family had taken up residence.

Alongside Gino Rossi, Pio Semeghini and Tullio Garbari, Moggioli developed his landscape painting, on the one hand rediscovering the atmospheres of the divided technique and on the other finding in the masters of Pont-Aven, of which Gino Rossi was the first mediator, many stylistic suggestions.

The exhibition wants to rediscover this master and the quality of his work, presented above all with portraits set in the open, a real novelty for a contemporary reinterpretation of his production, a hundred years after the exhibition that Ca’ Pesaro dedicated to him in 1919, a few months after his untimely death.

The exhibition is also an opportunity to relive the atmosphere of that fateful 1919, year of the resumption of the activities of the Museum in the post-war period and the advent of a new artistic season for the group gathered around Nino Barbantini. From Arturo Martini to Felice Casorati, the tribute to Umberto Moggioli will allow us to recall an important moment in the Ca’ Pesaro affair and to reconstruct a significant piece of the artistic history of the last century.


Location: Ca’ Pesaro Museum, Venice

Schedule: from November 16th  2019 to March 15th  2020

Opening hours: 10.30 am – 4.30 pm / Closed on Mondays

Ticket: up to € 14