Veneto Jazz in La Fenice Theater

Veneto Jazz in La Fenice Theater

A concert by saxophonist Diego Borotti, 40 years of career alongside the greatest artists, will be held in the “Sale Apollinee” of the La Fenice Theater at 7.30 pm, with Fabio Gorlier (piano and keyboards), Davide Liberti (double bass and electric bass) and Mattia Barbieri (drums and electronics) presenting a new production in an elegant balance between acoustic jazz and electronics.

Also in the “Sale Apollinee” of the La Fenice Theater, on April 18 at 7.30pm there will be a concert by David Helbock, an icon of the European jazz scene, which presents “Playing John Williams”, dedicated to the great composer of soundtracks, in solo piano. This album features John Williams’ music revisited for piano only through the prism of jazz.

Finally, on May 9 at 7.30 pm, at the “Sale Apollinee” of the La Fenice Theater, a concert will be held with two musicians of great artistic and internationally recognized renown such as the German cellist Anja Lechner and the French pianist François Couturier. A surprising, unusual and always fascinating musical journey, conducted with elegant measure and a path traced through original compositions and a sense for improvisation, under the direction of Manfred Eicher of ECM Records.

Location: La Fenice theater, Venice

Schedule: March 14th 2020 – April 18th 2020 – May 9th 2020

Hours: 7.30 pm 

Ticket: up to € 25