Venice Carnival 2019

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The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival famous for its elaborate masks. During the festival fun is guaranteed.

Venice is a beautiful city, famous for its many attractions such as the main squares and churches, and for events capable of attracting thousands of tourists. One of these is certainly the Venice Carnival: it is an event that will amuse people, adults and children, thanks to its cheerful and festive nature. From February 16th to March 5th 2019 the fun in Venice is guaranteed.

The city atmosphere changes significantly during the Carnival. The squares are teeming with funny masks, the streets (calli) and squares (campielli) are filled with colorful confetti while the Venetian canals light up with the lights of this magical event. Already in January you start to breathe a different air, an air of celebration and happiness waiting for one of the major world events.

Grand Opening of the 2019 Venice Carnival is on Saturday, February 16th. The Rio di Cannaregio turns into a real water stage with a show that delights thousands of visitors each year, where floating structures transfer on water the theme of Carnival. After the opening on Saturday, on Sunday the water parade will sail along the Canal Grande to the folkloristic district of Cannaregio, where visitors will watch these unique boats and where food and wine tasting stands will offer traditional Venetian specialties.

From Saturday February 23rd, the Carnival comes alive with the masks contest, the Marie feast, the Angel’s Flight and other appointments in the city’s streets and squares. During the following week, the festivities continue among the masks parades and activities related to the 2019 Carnival theme.

On Sunday March 3rdthe Eagle’s Flight takes place, while during the day the parades are held. The Venice Carnival ends on March 5th(Shrove Tuesday) with the crowning of the most beautiful Maria del Carnevale 2019 during the Maria Award Ceremony and with the Flight of the Lion in St Mark’s Square.

During the last 10 days of Carnival any mask can compete for the Best Carnival Mask, which is chosen during the Grand Final on Shrove Tuesday, the last day of the Carnival. Silently but majestically, a water parade of traditional boats and gondolas along the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge to San Marco Square closes the Carnival season.


Location: San Marco Square, Venice

Date: Saturday February 16th– Tuesday March 5th, 2019

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