Venice Fashion Week 2019

Two new editions of Venice Fashion Week 2019 will take place in Venice among palaces, hotels and boutiques at the end of March and at the end of October 2019.

The Venice Fashion Week brings national and international designers and brands into the city, turning the spotlight on the artisanal and tailoring fashion created in Venice and on the rich network of creative, designers and companies in the city and the region.

Between exhibitions, meetings and fashion shows, the event confirms Venice as a city of style and know-how, talents and creativity, where collaborations are born between creatives, designers and excellences of local high-end craftsmanship.

The theme of the Venetian fashion week is slow, artisanal, sustainable and ethical fashion, because life in Venice is slow and every production, from gondola to clothes, from jewels to textiles, from design objects to glass beads, is handmade, precious and personalized.

As craftsmanship unites the creative process with continuous research, a handmade piece tells a story that makes it unique and unrepeatable, and the use of traditional techniques safeguards and promotes the culture of the territory.

In this way, Venice Fashion Week helps to communicate Venice as a precious, lively and productive city.

In the autumn edition, ten days full of events present projects where the recovery and preservation of ancient processing techniques, the application of modern technologies and innovative communication to the tradition are the protagonists.

The contemporary design updates the handicraft products, while the materials adapt to the needs of sustainability dictated by a world in continuous transformation.

Like an architectural work, even the haute couture includes the meticulous construction of the dress.

Designers: Daniela Giacometti (Apart Lab), Martina Vidal, Carla Plessi, Giulia Pannoli (Banco Lotto n.10), Michela Gaiofatto, Fabiano Fernandes Dos Santos (Davii), Caterina Giraldi (Veraroad), Progetto Quid, Roberta Raelli (RRaro), Silvano Arnoldo & Massimiliano Battois, Paola Bertoldo (La Perla Nera)


Location: Venice

Opening: March 28-30, 2019 – October 17-26, 2019