Venice Fashion Week 2020

Venice Fashion Week 2020

Venice returns to being an open atelier of events and fashion with Venice Fashion Week from 22 to 31 October 2020. Ten days dedicated to sustainable fashion, talent and the city of craftsmanship with events, cocktails, fashion shows by emerging designers in palaces, shops and ateliers to introduce the craftsmen and shed light on the extraordinary creative ferment of the city and its territory.

Right from the start, attention will focus on tailors, stylists, goldsmiths, perfumers, glassmakers, decorators, shoemakers, typographers, potters, paper craftsmen, florists, graphic designers and all those who, with their hands, accompany this art into the future. In fact, the doors of the shops and ateliers will open to allow free visits by reservation, offering the public the opportunity to discover professions and talents. Open ateliers will thus give the opportunity to admire new locations and private gardens unknown to most, being able to touch the beating and creative heart of the city. But also the events that will be hosted by some of the most famous hotels in the city will open their doors to places that are most often off-limits to the public.

The autumn edition of Venice Fashion Week 2020 celebrates three great Venetians of fashion: Luciana Boccardi, Franco Puppato and Stefano Nicolao. Furthermore, as per tradition, collective walks with fashion and architecture experts are scheduled, in collaboration with the Piazza San Marco Association, and a conference that will explore the theme of craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

All events are free and limited with reservation required. All events apply the measures indicated by the national health authority for the safety of the public. For this reason the number of places is very limited and the entrances will be staggered.

Location: Venice

Schedule: October 22 – 31, 2020