Venice gate to the East

Venice gate to the East

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 1600th anniversary of the city founding of Venice, also the Conservatory of Music “Benedetto Marcello” adheres with the project “Venice, gateway to the East”.

It is a particularly happy occasion to try to go to the root of the phenomenon of the oldest mode of “musical scale”, from the time of Ptolemy of Alexandria (2nd century AD) to the dawn of tonality in the West on the one hand, and to the plethora of modal “maqamat” in the East on the other. Passing therefore from Alexandria to Aquileia, from Milan to Benevento, from Constantinople to Venice… and vice versa.

Held by Aleksandar Karlic and divided into a theoretical and a practical part, the lessons will focus on historical, technical and stylistic aspects of Anatolian, Middle Eastern and Balkan music.

Melody and rhythm, complex and fundamental aspects of musical languages that have never known the concept of “harmony” typical of the Western model, are studied in depth. A particular attention is dedicated to the documented or conceivable connections with the ancient western performing practices.

The project is also aimed at the realization of one or more concerts at the end of the course where music of the European Middle Ages, music from the Ottoman/Byzantine and Persian cultural areas are presented, in order to ideally propose an itinerary of the Silk Road from Venice to Samarcanda.


Location: “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory of Music, Venice

Schedule: until May 29, 2021