Venice Jazz Festival 2021

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Program of the Venice jazz Festival 2021
La Fenice Teather, Laguna Libre, Combo, Grimani Palace, Hotel Splendid
venice jazz festival 2021

Until 7 August 2021, the Venice Jazz Festival restarts from the most exclusive and fascinating places in the city with a refined and colorful program. From the Sale Apollinee of the Teatro La Fenice to Palazzo Grimani, from the former Convent of the Crociferi to the Splendid Venice Hotel up to the Laguna Libre, the thirteenth edition, signed by Veneto Jazz with the artistic direction of Giuseppe Mormile, blends international experiences and original projects by artists with the desire to tell a new musical story.

  • June 25 – 8.30 pm – Laguna Libre – Fondamenta Canneregio – FRANCESCO CARLON TRIO with Francesco Carlon (piano), Alvise Seggi (double bass, effects), Raul Catalano (drums and percussion)
  • July 2 – 7.30 pm – Sale Apollinee – La Fenice Theater – DAVID HELBOCK – Playing John Williams – piano
  • July 2 – 8.30 pm – Laguna Libre – Fondamenta Canneregio – MA L’AMORE NO with Miriam D’amico – voice | Elisa Vedovetto – alto sax and soprano sax | Federico Della Puppa – guitars
  • July 4 – 7.30 pm – Sale Apollinee – La Fenice Theater – LIVIO MINAFRA – piano & loop station
  • July 7 – 7.30 pm – Sale Apollinee – La Fenice Theater – MERAKI with Giulio Scaramella (piano) | Marco Trabucco (double bass) | Luca Colussi (drums) | Sokol Prekalori (violin) | Alessandro Dalla Libera (viola) | Alvise Seggi (cello)
  • July 9 – 8.30 pm – Laguna Libre – Fondamenta Canneregio – NICOLA CRISTANTE TRIO with Peace Diouf, bass | Nicola Cristante, guitar | Moulaye Niang, drums and percussions
  • July 10 – 9.30 pm – Combo Venice – ADAM HOLZMAN TRIO – Tribute to Miles Davis with Adam Holzman, keyboards | Davide Regazzoni, drums | Stefano Olivato, electric bass
  • July 15 – 7.30 pm – Altana Hotel Splendid Venice – MEDITERRANEAN with Alvise Seggi, cello and oud | Ivan Tibolla, accordion and transverse flute
  • July 16 – 8.30 pm – Laguna Libre – Fondamenta Cannaregio – THE GALERE with Andrea Mozzato, oud | Alvise Seggi, double bass and bouzuki | Maria Bergamo, voice
  • July 17 – 7.30 pm – Palazzo Grimani – Courtyard – AMIR GWIRTZMAN – Wind instruments
  • July 23 – 8.30 pm – Laguna Libre – Fondamenta Cannaregio – DANIELE VIANELLO DUO – cUORE, concert for toy with Daniele Vianello, double bass, compositions | Dario Zennaro, guitar | Davide Michieletto, percussions
  • July 30 – 8.00 pm – Laguna Libre – Presentation of the book “PAUL MOTIAN, the Zen art of playing drums” by Raul Catalano – Talks with the author Enrico Bettinello (music critic). Following ULA LOOP – Jacopo Giacomoni, alto sax | Daniel Savio, guitar and effects | Raul Catalano drums
  • July 31 – 9.30 pm – Combo Venice – TIZIANO SCARPA AND DEBORA PETRINA – Things that happen at night – Songs and music by Debora Petrina (vocals, keyboards and guitar) – Tales and rhymes by Tiziano Scarpa
  • August 7 – 9.30 pm – Laguna Libre – Fondamenta Cannaregio – LANZONI – MORGAN – MC PHERSON with Alessandro Lanzoni, piano | Thomas Morgan, double bass | Eric Mcpherson, drums


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