Venice Night Trail 2021

Venice Night Trail 2021

The “Venice Night Trail” is a sporting event in the historic center of Venice that develops over a distance of 16 km, crossing 51 bridges and touching the most evocative and significant places from the environmental, historical and cultural point of view of the city. The event is a run or walk recreational-motor to create an active correlation of participants with some of the important historical events, economic and customs of the Serenissima.

The starting line is set in San Basilio. The run continues through Santa Marta to Piazzale Roma, crossing the Constitution bridge to reach the railway station. Entering the Ghetto and passing the church of the Madonna dell’Orto, the run reaches the Civil Hospital and the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo. The runners continue in the Castello district, first through the Arsenale, then in Sant’Elena along the sports field. Passing the Biennale Gardens they return to Piazza San Marco along the whole shore that runs alongside the basin. Passing Piazza San Marco “the most beautiful drawing room in Europe”, after Calle Larga XXII Marzo and the church of Santa Maria del Giglio the runners reach Campo Santo Stefano. Then passing the Accademia bridge, the Peggy Guggenheim museum, the church of Santa Maria della Salute, the Punta della Dogana and the whole long bank of the Giudecca canal they reach the finish line again in San Basilio.

Best wishes for fun to all participants, athletes and viewers.


Location: Venice

Schedule: June 5, 2021