Why choose VévéGlass? Design, craftsmanship and internationality

Why choose VéVéGlass?
Design, craftsmanship and internationality
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Luxury world: the challenges of interior designers

Furnishing with taste and refinement is an art in the hands of few. Luxury architects and interior designers are well aware of the difficulties of this sector: keeping up with the latest design trends, satisfying the most refined and diverse tastes and, last but not least, finding business partners to whom they can rely on completely, from the design phase to the execution of the order.

This is perhaps the biggest challenge: to get in touch with realities of value and with a history and experience that can be relied on in everything in your interior design projects.

Artistic glass processing: for thick workmanship, a partner that stands out

One of the most appreciated trends in the world of interior design is the artisanal processing of Murano glass. An art, more than a simple workmanship, that has been perpetuated since the dawn of time and that is flourishing again in the luxury sector thanks to its infinite possibilities of personalization and the wonder that it arouses in those who observe the objects made with this technique.

VéVé Glass, a Venetian company specialized in the processing of Murano glass for architectural and interior applications, knows all the secrets of this world. But, above all, it does not hesitate to put them at your disposal to create incredible works of art to furnish with taste, class, elegance and refinement the interiors of important villas, residential homes, luxury hotel lobbies and private offices.

Artistic glass working: a history in your hands

Our VéVé Glass collections, which come to life in our laboratories in Venice, are made starting from the study of the decorative project and its design. The preciousness of the objects created lies in its craftsmanship and, therefore, in the uniqueness of the piece: each object that comes to life from the hands of our master glassmakers is different from the other, as a guarantee of the entirely artisan and handmade workmanship.

But this is not the only reason why one of our products is a unique piece: if you have an idea in mind, a fantasy, a particular object never seen before, we can make it. Because, for us, customer satisfaction always comes first: there is no artistic genius that we do not know how to listen and satisfy, there is no need that we are not committed to respond. We give shape to your ideas for real: whatever the size of the object you have in mind, we can create a modeled sample under your wise directives.

The skill of the masters of artistic glass working will shape your idea or project following the traditional techniques of glass fusion. Sculptures, complements for interior decoration and objects for furniture and ambient lighting: think about imagining and do not put limits to your imagination.

We work by putting into practice our thirty years of experience and constant research at the service of architects and designers who interpret the desires and dreams of their customers. The precious objects that take shape from this union of fantasy and reality with their shine, the wonderful and traditional colors, have always furnished and made fascinating homes and spaces around the world.

Discover what you can create together with VéVé Glass.

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