Women’s Day 2020

Women’s Day 2020

In Venice, Women’s Day on March 8th is very special. Shows, events, conventions, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, guided tours, film festivals, races, fundraisers will take place everywhere in the city. The aim is to raise awareness of women’s rights, combat violence against women and affirm that, today more than ever in times of crisis, intelligence, creativity, female entrepreneurship can make a difference.

Women’s Day is also fun and celebration. If you think of Venice, perhaps, it does not seem the most appropriate association; in fact, we are talking about one of the most romantic cities in the world but anyway, Venice is also a city full of clubs in which to celebrate with a pinch of fun.

From Campo Santa Margherita to Piazza San Marco, from Rialto to the Ormesini and surroundings, the Venetian taverns “bacari” are wasted where you can drink a prosecco or an “ombra”, eat “cicchetti” and celebrate and have fun with friends in this fascinating city. Not forgetting restaurants, trattorias, good pizzas and even night clubs.

And then we must not forget the mimosa, the flower symbol of Women’s Day. Mimosa is one of the few plants to have bloomed in early March and is a perfect gift for this day. On March 8th mimosa sprigs are displayed and sold in every corner of the city. Give it to your wife, daughter, mom, partner, friend …. she will be happy ….

Best wishes to all women!

Schedule: March 8th