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Zinaida: Without Women

The Visual Research Support Foundation presents the exhibition “Without Women” of multimedia work by Ukrainian artist Zinaida, debuting as a Collateral Event at the 59th Venice Biennale. Curated by Peter Doroshenko, Dallas Contemporary Executive Director, the exhibition is open at Spiazzi in the Castello District through November 27, 2022.

Without Women” is an encompassing multimedia installation that Zinaida has been working on since 2017. It incorporates video, large-scale photography and perception manipulation to create a potent narrative of identity constructs, mythologies and past folklore.

Filmed in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine, the artist captures traditional sheep herders and their masculine roles during their long and isolated treks through the vast countryside. The movement of the men and their labour, depicts notions of bonding, individualism, and isolation. Without Women is a manifestation of unknown micro cultures, current critical discourse, and the traditional societies in which we live. The work itself serves as a code for understanding contemporary cultural imbalances.


Location: Spiazzi, Castello, Venice

Schedule: until November 27, 2022