Christmas in Venice 2020

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Christmas in Venice
during Christmas time the atmosphere changes
Christmas in Venice

Also in this particular year, we are approaching this highly anticipated period: Christmas! And this is no ordinary event. During this event, the atmosphere in Venice begins to change, you start to breathe that festive atmosphere. Canals, bridges and streets take on a new face in view of this anniversary, a colorful face thanks to the decorations and lights that manage to color every Venetian “sestiere”.

In Venice it is unthinkable not to visit the typical monuments, such as: St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge, Accademia Galleries and many other things. These buildings, however, can be visited at any time of the year. Besides the normal Venetian places of interest there are other attractions that during the Christmas period we would like to suggest you. Some of these are the Venetian Christmas markets. 

On the occasion of Christmas, the city is transformed, becoming a succession of illuminations, decorated stores and events. These markets offer the perfect opportunity to buy products of the season: from lights to Christmas decorations, from wines to typical foods, from toys to decorative objects. In short, a wide range of alternatives. In fact, you can take advantage of this event both to find the gift to give to girlfriends and friends, and to mingle among the crowd to enjoy the Venetian Christmas atmosphere. An opportunity both to have fun and to spend your money usefully.

If you love art and classical music, the Christmas season in Venice offers many varieties of concerts. Many Venetian churches for Christmas decide to organize evenings and events dedicated to art. There are plenty of alternatives: from traditional Christmas carols to more modern songs performed by international singers. A national and international reference point for art and entertainment for these events is the opera house “La Fenice”.

Every year during the festivities an ice-skating rink is set up in San Polo (one of the largest squares in Venice). The rink, which remains open from December to March, offers a unique entertainment experience, an excellent opportunity for families with children.

For Christmas lunch, what matters most is to be satisfied with what you eat. It shouldn’t be any problem at all: Venetian cuisine is one of the best in Italy. In fact, there are many restaurants that offer Christmas promotions at advantageous prices.

What we have described is only a small part of what you might find in this beautiful city. If you are curious to find out what awaits you, start living the “Serenissima” by checking out hotels, flights and accommodation. With a careful search and a bit of luck, you can find excellent opportunities. They will make your Christmas stay in Venice an experience to remember by talking about it for years to come. Practically an experience to repeat!

Location: Venice

Schedule: December 2020

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