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Valentine’s Day 2021

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it can be the ideal destination to spend a romantic weekend with your sweetheart. There are many things to do in the “Serenissima” and they are all very romantic, as every glimpse, every sunset on the canals, and every “calle” seems to come out of a beautiful painting. Of course, the queues of tourists everywhere risk compromising the atmosphere, but even in Venice there are unusual places to discover and others that, seen through the pink filter of love, change their appearance and become even more romantic.

If you want to amaze your lover then treat yourself to a romantic vacation in the “Serenissima”, where in every corner of the city you can breathe a unique and suggestive atmosphere. Here are our ideas for a Valentine’s Day in Venice, that you will never stop telling once you have lived.

Gondola ride at sunset

The gondola ride is one of the main attractions of the city and is considered one of the symbols of Venice. There is nothing like it in the world and it is what makes Venice unique. Therefore, it may seem a purely tourist proposal. But in the history of Venice, the gondola has always been a means that has facilitated many relationships, even clandestine ones. The gondola has long been the cradle of hidden and daring loves, but also witness of deep feelings. With its slender, black figure, it allows you to observe the city from below as you are lulled by the water and the movement of the gondolier’s oar. At sunset he slips into the most hidden canals of the city, pampering his passengers. If you combine the visit of the beautiful palaces with a singing gondolier who cheers up the evening with some beautiful serenade, the game is done!

Sunset in the lagoon

Not to be missed are the sunsets that this city has to offer and the romantic weekend could be the right opportunity to declare your love. In some areas, far from the tourist routes, you can breathe silence and magic, the city seems almost surreal. Until you see the sunset in Venice, you cannot fully realize why many people consider it the most romantic city in the world. Spectacular is also the sunset seen from the Rialto Bridge. Going up the whole bridge and leaning out to watch the sun go down is always an emotion. To remember the sunsets from Giudecca, Zattere and the island of San Giorgio. 

For us, by far the most romantic place at sunset is the “Bridge of Sighs” that you can admire from the “Ponte della Paglia”. Exciting and mysterious is one of the many recognized symbols of Venice, surrounded by an undisputed charm, which attracts thousands of couples in love. A legend tells that if two lovers pass by gondola under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset, their love will last forever.

Dinner by candlelight

After long walks and romantic gondola rides, it’s time to treat yourself to a candlelit dinner. For your romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day in Venice we suggest you to look for typical Venetian trattorias or taverns, perhaps those not very frequented by tourists because the “romantic” Venice is the one that is not very frequented and known. So, for your romantic Valentine’s Day in Venice take advantage of the possibility that Venice can offer you. Walking and getting lost among the calli of the city, you will find what you were looking for your romantic getaway. In addition, there are many romantic restaurants in Venice that offer a special menu to celebrate this day. If you don’t want to spare no expense, head for the usual renowned restaurants (we recommend booking well in advance). The top of the top is at the restaurant with terrace (breathtaking view of the lagoon) of the “Danieli Hotel“.

Romantic walk in San Marco

After dessert, seeing the city at night, illuminated by the soft lights of the street lamps, is the perfect way to end Valentine’s Day in Venice. Crossing the quiet calli at night or walking at midnight in St. Mark’s Square while hearing the bell tower ringing are experiences that give you a magical atmosphere. You will see St. Mark’s Square empty, in all its grandeur. Not by chance it was called “the finest drawing room in Europe“. From “Riva degli Schiavoni” you will see the “Basilica of Madonna della Salute” lighten the darkness of the night and reflect on the water. After a romantic evening in Venice based on good food and long walks hand in hand, it will be impossible not to kiss in front of such a show. 

When will you ever spend a Valentine’s Day in Venice like this with your loved one? Priceless!

Location: San Marco, Venice

Schedule: Feb. 14, 2021