Installing high quality backlit glass panels for shops and boutiques
is ideal for a guaranteed WOW effect!

In the world of commerce, it is not enough to offer the best products. The presentation of merchandise also matters a lot, as consumers have become extremely sensitive and buying has turned into an all-round sensory and emotional experience. This is why VéVé Glass makes visually striking, decorated and backlit glass panels for stores that can give the right importance to the products on display. Our glass decorations obtained through traditional glass processing attract attention and captivate the customer who will have a unique and exceptional shopping experience.

VéVéGlass’ commercial glass panels are the result of the creativity and experience of glass masters who tirelessly work a raw material of the highest quality to achieve superlative results that stand out in any commercial setting. It is impossible to enter a store without noticing VéVéGlass’ decorative glass panels designed for contract furnishings in commercial settings. Beyond the objective beauty and charm that this kind of glass processing arouses, with VéVéGlass glass panels you are assured of installing top-quality products guaranteed by the skill and passion of our glass artisans.

Integrating backlit glass panels for store windows, created in original Murano glass, conveys even more value to the merchandise on display, attracting the eyes of those passing by the commercial store. Thanks to the skills of our glass artists and the characteristics of this marvelous material, the possibilities for customization are limitless, allowing the creation of custom-made interior decorated glass panels in terms of size, shape, color, pattern and transparency.



Murano glass decoration in lounge bar

morosini cosulich


Murano glass mirror in furnishing showroom

RGB cruiser


Murano glass divider in cruise ship



Murano glass decoration in high fashion shop



Murano stained glass window in bookstore



Murano glass wall decoration in club

eva showroom


Murano glass centerpiece in showroom

RGB showroom


Murano glass divider in showroom

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