Discover our exclusive Murano glass works, symbol of elegance, luxury and refinement.
Come to know the VéVéGlass quality and luxury.

If you are looking for exclusive and special Murano glass objects, handcrafted by master glassmakers with great experience, you are in the right place. VéVéGlass produces a wide range of Murano glass items and works such as walls, centerpieces, sculptures and wall decorations specifically designed for the luxury sector, which condense functionality and beauty, ideal for display as true works of art, such as.

Owning one of the Murano glass objects created by VéVéGlass guarantees a very high added value of elegance and sophistication both to the owner and to the environment in which the work is placed. The “WOW!” factor is assured thanks to the incredible variety of Murano glass items that we can create: from small ornaments, to large sculptures, to room dividers, to walls decorated with backlighting.

Shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and textures of all MuranoVéGlass works are customizable in every detail, adaptable to any environment and any space you wish to decorate, having the certainty of coming into possession of a work of art to all intents and purposes that brings with it the historical and professional value of a discipline famous and renowned throughout the world.

What makes us special? Each piece made by VéVéGlass is a unique and original piece, created with the most traditional glass working techniques by master glassmakers of the highest profile able to ensure the highest quality in all Murano glass objects we produce.
Take the opportunity to make your spaces special with original masterpieces of glass art, contact us for more information.