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Contract furnishings
Advantages of a tailor-made formula
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What is meant by contract? Furnishing with the contract formula

Among the most widely read pages of specialized magazines and journals, a new system for the renovation of design spaces is emerging more and more: contract furnishing, the latest trend in the furniture industry. This practice is making its way through various sectors, from the luxury segment to large residential buildings and even public places and commercial spaces, aiming to become the furnishing system par excellence in the sector.

When we talk about contract furniture we often refer to the philosophy of “all inclusive” just to indicate the activity that includes the creation or renovation of all furnishings, from the choice of finishes to the installation of lighting and heating systems.

Contract furniture is therefore the realization of an entire “turnkey project”, in which a client entrusts the renovation of his home or business to a single contractor. The client will have to tell his contractor the characteristics and the look he wants to obtain for his design space, with the only commitment to pay the bill at the end of the job.

Contract furniture as a tailor-made formula

The concept of contract furniture should not be confused with the concept of supply! In fact, this process is distinguished by the proposal of furnishings and systems chosen and made to measure. The handmade products, unique and exclusive, can satisfy the greatest and most refined desires of design and customization.

The contractor in the furniture stands out for being a highly specialized figure in interior design, with the ability to give the perfect atmosphere and the right functionality to any space made with contract furniture. The distinctive factor is the attention to the smallest details: the care of the project and the great study of materials allow to give life to each environment, which is told with strong personality and distinctive character.

Satellite glass panel

What are the advantages of the contract furniture formula?

All customers who choose to furnish their spaces with this formula will benefit from a number of different advantages, including a great saving of time: the design projects carried out with the contract furniture system follow well-defined deadlines to be met, as well as avoiding the owner of the spaces the phase of research of new furniture elements.

Relying on a single contractor also means making use of great and different professionals in the field: to carry out the project, the contractor will rely on established and specialized figures for all those works that are not of its strict competence. This process involves a constant search for new forms and materials, indirectly leading to continuous innovation in construction styles and practices, as well as a guarantee on the quality of the work.

Finally, by entrusting the work to a single professional contractor, aesthetic consistency and uniformity will be guaranteed throughout the environment, thanks to the meticulous study for the combination of materials, shapes and colors. In VeVe Glass, for example, every contract furnishing project is enriched by entirely handmade furnishing accessories, with the aim of combining an original and creative design with the historical value of the manual craftsmanship of Venetian master glassmakers.

A contract furnishing project signed by VéVé Glass: the encounter between bronze and colored glass

Today, visitors to a winery located in the hills of northern Italy are greeted by an important architectural bronze window frame. The objective of the designer was to enhance the magnificent bronze structure, interspersing it with a particular and prestigious industrial glass that could give a touch of personal style, exclusivity and design. It had to emerge the refinement in style and the particular attention to detail.

The “Satellite” panel was designed by combining colored glass rods with strips of colored glass. In addition to the wide range of different colors, both opaque and transparent, we also added precious gold leaf inserts to further enrich the panel, giving an elegant and precious touch to the design.

This particular installation allowed us to satisfy both the designer’s and the client’s needs while creating a unique environment of interest for the visitor, who can thus enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

Depending on the surface you want to decorate, you can also combine the glass strips and rods into horizontal and vertical solutions that will add a dynamic look to the wall.

Trust the experts at VéVé Glass to give you a completely personalized and quality treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or information.

Satellite detail

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