Glass decorations: art inserts between the walls of the house

Murano glass tiles:
the detail that does not go unnoticed
elba - Murano glass tiles

If you are looking for classic decorative glass tiles, you will not find them here. However, if you are looking for decorative elements with extraordinary aesthetic impact that can attract the attention of your guests, then this is the right place for you.

VéVé Glass creates only exclusive works of art that will catch the eye, amaze and leave everyone who is lucky enough to lay their eyes on them open-mouthed. VèVè Glass Murano glass tiles are handcrafted by master glassmakers with long experience and an exceptional historical background.

Every type of environment can benefit from the design and exclusivity that the VéVé Glass handcrafted decorative glass tiles are able to give. Particularly suitable for bathrooms, exclusive kitchens, lounges, but also for the incomparable decoration of luxurious swimming pools, the variety of colors, geometries and shapes gives the possibility to create plays of light, reflections and linear and minimal or articulated and creative designs.

roma - murano glass tiles

Unleash your imagination with VéVé Glass tiles

The dream of every architect is to be able to transcend the rules of physics and space in order to create structures and environments that can make you hold your breath in amazement. Thanks to the special characteristics of Murano glass tiles made by our skilled glassmakers, you can create evocative environments that will enchant anyone passing by thanks to the brilliant and colorful play of light or thanks to the elaborate geometries that can be achieved.

Applying stained glass tiles in luxury environments will add refinement and elegance so as to acquire even more exclusivity, rightly conveying the values of value and excellence, especially in exceptional structures such as luxury hotels, prestigious residences and high-level offices. With Murano glass tiles it will be possible to create decorative solutions of shapes and colors in which guests, and those present in general, will love to lose themselves, experiencing a state of ecstatic contemplation possible only thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of a glass with a centuries-old history and artisan tradition rooted in the past of one of the most beautiful and glorious cities in the world.

palermo - murano glass tiles

The timeless appeal of decorative glass tiles

What makes Murano glass tiles exceptional? In addition to the inestimable quality of a craftsmanship that is rightfully among the highest arts, the ability to integrate into any architectural style or decor: whether the lines are classic, modern, contemporary or futuristic, the colored glass tiles produced according to ancient methods that have come down to us over the centuries can add an element of exclusivity without altering the natural harmony of the place where they are housed. On the contrary, the glass tiles will make everything more homogeneous, enhancing in a mutual exchange what surrounds them, whether they are exclusive pieces of furniture or architectural elements of great value.

From the nineteenth-century villa to the most modern accommodation facilities as well as the most technologically advanced workplaces, Murano glass tiles will bring a refined design element that, in addition to giving an aesthetic note to any environment, will be charged with the meaning and history of a unique territory capable of freeing itself from the constraints of space and time.

But that’s not all. The inestimable artistic value of our stained glass tiles that makes them a luxury range product also lies in the complex and articulated phases of realization: in order to create a finished product customized down to the smallest detail, the commissioned works always begin with an in-depth confrontation with the client, both private or professional, who provides an idea or a drawing, according to which original samples will be made to assess the feasibility and the real aesthetic effect.

The VéVé Glass Murano glass tiles are made almost exclusively by hand: apart from the waterjet cutting technology that guarantees perfectly finished edges for a flawless installation, the actual creation of the tile takes place only thanks to the skillful hands of the master glassmakers who create the glass layer after layer, integrating, during the process, precious materials such as silver leaf, gold leaf, Venetian murrina beads, filigree and much more for a final result with a WOW effect.

At the base of every creative process and every project is our passion and continuous creative and architectural research and innovation with the aim of identifying the best subjects on which to base each realization. We draw inspiration from the classic and from history, adapting timeless aesthetics to the modern chrisms of the most innovative design.

venezia - murano glass tiles

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