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Rondò glass detail

Luxury interior design: characteristics of made-in-Italy furniture

Luxury interior design is becoming increasingly popular among the top styles of made-in-Italy furniture, precisely because it responds to the preferences of Italians: in fact, lovers of a simple style that is not too pretentious, but at the same time knows how to be extremely elegant and, above all, introduces great quality in materials, are growing.

All too often, at the pronunciation of the word “luxury” it is easy to imagine opulent furnishings with blinding gilding. In reality, luxury furniture prefers an obsessive search for a single, solemn aspect: the culture of beauty. A true forma mentis then, which is repeated for each luxury style furniture, capable of perfectly adapting to the personal needs and individual desires of those who will have to live it.

In fact, for these completely made-in-Italy designer furnishings, every single material is carefully selected, which must be treated by expert hands and craftsmanship in order to obtain custom-made and prestigious finishes. The continuous search for aesthetics is therefore realized not only in the search for materials, but also in the search for color, shapes and functionality of each complement.

Let us discover together one among these many materials, capable of giving prominence and value to any luxury design furniture: Murano glass.

Glass panel Rondò

Murano glass: great value for luxury style furniture

Choosing Murano glass complements for your luxury furnishings means enhancing your interiors with unique and singular pieces of art that are unmatched in the world for their incredible and inimitable manufacturing process. To think that it can take a craftsman up to three months to make a single piece!

Indeed, these difficult and delicate making techniques, which harness the power of fire and high temperatures, have been handed down for dozens of centuries, from mouth to mouth and hand to hand, like the first fairy tales in history. To this day, master glassmakers are in fact the true custodians of this priceless art, which every day comes to fruition in the form of marvelous artifacts purchased from all over the world, to share this priceless beauty through luxury-style furnishings.

This is precisely why Murano glass artifacts are perfect for enriching the luxury décor of any interior, because they perfectly represent the pursuit of beauty and the highest quality, in materials and in the combination of shapes and colors. Real luxury objects, they are perfect to give a touch of elegance and creativity to any design furniture, in true made in Italy style.

Glass panel Rondò – Columns covering

A luxury furnishing project by VéVé Glass

For the SPA of a luxury hotel, the interior designer wanted the structure’s load-bearing columns, which have a large diameter, to be seen, rather than as a “hindrance” in the overall appearance of the furnishings, as a strongly decorative, exclusive element that would “illuminate” the environment with light tones that are strongly characterizing and have a strong visual impact.

The in-house technical and design office of VéVé Glass, directed by Arch. Massimo Brignoni, constantly confronting with the Client’s designer, studied the “Rondò” solution: a decoration with panels curved according to the radius of the columns, made with a first sheet of crystal glass, a layer of silver leaf to embellish the artifact and eliminate any transparency, a sheet of opaline glass and, superimposed at the end, the sinuous red glass decorations skillfully cut and composed by hand; all fused in the oven to determine a single piece.

All the panels thus produced, juxtaposed and superimposed on each other, are attached to the culverts by means of small chrome-plated steel brackets that provide stability and security.

Murano glass artifacts for luxury design furniture find perfect application not only in private homes and luxury mansions, but also inside stores, exclusive resorts and hotels, restaurants and yachts. For years now, VéVé Glass has been in the business of enriching furnishing spaces with exclusive and special Murano glass objects, exclusively handcrafted by master glassmakers to ensure an incredible “WOW” effect!

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