Murano Glass Partition Panels for Restaurants

Partition panels for restaurants
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Luxury catering: how to give your pub/bar a touch of class

In the luxury catering sector, it is no longer just a matter of great menus and tasty eats: what matters to consumers today is the possibility of having a unique experience, immersing oneself in a cozy and inviting atmosphere, in a facility that knows how to stand out for its distinct personality and refined design.

Despite the fast evolution of fashions and trends, there is a timeless furniture solution that is capable of lending prestige to any luxury restaurant or bar decor: glass, and in particular Murano art glass, a craftsmanship famous throughout the world for its extraordinary beauty and uniqueness.

In addition to the great aesthetic presence and the ability to give lightness, a material such as glass gives any space a great functionality, because it divides the rooms of luxury venues, such as restaurants, in a fluid and elegant way, ensuring privacy and confidentiality with a glamorous touch. All this without compromising the brightness of the rooms and without having to resort to major structural changes!


Murano glass divider panels: true works of art

All Murano glass divider panels for restaurants by VéVé Glass are made according to the oldest techniques and the most precious secrets of the expert master glassmakers, who for generations now have been preserving and practicing the wonderful art of glassmaking. Thanks to their skills and experience they are in fact able to use the most classic and traditional processes to emphasize a raw material of the highest quality, creating indisputable design elements for the furnishing of luxury restaurants and bars.

All Murano glass partition panels are in fact to be considered true unique pieces, made according to the authentic logic of the “handmade“: from the most diverse needs and greatest desires of customers it is possible to give life to new and innovative projects, thanks to the careful consulting phase and the modular realization of each individual panel.

RGB cruiser glass divider

VéVé Glass’s RGB curtains

To meet the style and design needs of the upscale restaurant industry, VéVé Glass has designed a series of decorative Murano glass panels for restaurants and bars, capable of lending a touch of class and sophistication to living spaces of different moods and architectural styles.

Among the different products, RGB curtains stand out as a valuable and fascinating design solution, lending elegance and harmony to the most diverse environments. In fact, it is possible to choose between models of different colors, to maintain harmony and consistency with the architectural style, or between models that allow you to control the level of light, recreating more soft and seductive atmospheres rather than bright environments with amazing light effects.

Choosing Murano glass partitioning panels to furnish your restaurant or bar means not only elevating the prestige and aesthetic presence of your establishment with true works of art, but above all giving unique moments of pleasure and comfort to your customers, who will be able to lose themselves and be lulled by the wonderful plays of light and transparency that only a material like glass can give.

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