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How to furnish a luxury meeting room in a modern style?
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Murano glass to decorate a luxury meeting room: centerpieces, panels, giftware

A meeting room is not just a room in which to host clients and suppliers to make deals and move business forward. A meeting room is a true place of representation, which provides a first impression of a company’s identity and should stimulate a positive climate for exchanging views and generating new creative ideas.

So how to furnish a meeting room so that it is comfortable, functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasing? Precisely to meet the requirement of practicality, in furnishing a meeting room it would be best not to overdo it with distractions or cumbersome decorations. Instead, it is important to seek that right compromise, between a modern and distinctive design and a sober and efficient management of space and lighting.

In addition to organizing spaces so that they are spacious and full of light, we at VéVé Glass have a few other interesting tips in store: try to embellish rooms through some prominent artifacts that have great craftsmanship and aesthetic value. A perfect material for this purpose is precisely Murano glass, always able to amaze with its ancient history and its ability to illuminate any room with wonderful shades of color.

So let’s take a look together at some tips on how to furnish a luxurious and modern conference room, taking full advantage of the potential of our wonderful Murano glass.

Glass panels – Wall decoration

VéVé Glass’ tips for furnishing a conference room

Conference rooms may differ in size, brightness, and orientation, but they all share the same furniture element: the presence of the table. Indeed, the table is the furniture par excellence, which is usually placed in the center of the room precisely to welcome and engage all participants. A table must have a sober and elegant structure, to meet the needs of functionality but, at the same time, for those wondering how to furnish a conference room, it becomes a complement of great interest.

In fact, it will be enough to place a centerpiece or some design objects to give a totally new look to any ordinary and common meeting table. Thanks to the skilled and trained hands of its master glassmakers, VéVé Glass is able to offer a line of centerpieces in the most diverse shapes, which are inspired by the most particular international artistic currents. VéVé Glass’ centerpieces sometimes echo the shapes of typical Venetian gondolas, while others come to take on the forms of nature, such as those in the shape of ivy. Sometimes they draw instead on the most peculiar styles, such as Alberoni, which recalls the waves of the sea, or as instead Noguchi, which with its asymmetrical but balanced lines recreates an absolutely creative design.

But the table is not the only complement with which you can furnish luxury meeting rooms: the walls themselves are also a valuable solution to embellish and give harmony to your rooms. With a careful selection of panels, based on color and light requirements, it will be possible to give a new character and personality to any room.

Even in the case of decorative panels, VéVé Glass offers its customers a wide range of products, which draw on different colors, processing techniques and artistic currents. From Torcello decorative panels made with the very famous mosaic technique, thus cutting and composing the picture with many small glass tiles, to Wave panels made with the indica filigree technique, which involves the insertion of colored opaque glass inside an additional piece of transparent glass.

Finally, RGB curtains made of Murano glass, used as space dividers or wall decorations, can also furnish your meeting rooms with an exclusive, high-design touch.

RGB glass divider

These are some of the many glass processing techniques used by VéVé Glass’ master glassmakers, who combine each element from time to time to create unique and custom-made works of art in the true spirit of ancient craftsmanship. Furnishing your meeting room with VéVé Glass’ Murano glass artifacts means guaranteeing your clients and suppliers an exclusive and luxurious experience, introducing the values of your company only starting with the furnishings.

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